Malarchi's Activities

Children with Mental Disability of different levels were admitted and were trained in the activites of daily livings, need-based academics, extracurricular activites and vocational.

After continuous training for all these years, the children were categorized into three groups A, B and C. Those children who were able to do activities of dailiy living under supervision were grouped as 'A', those who can do the activities under instruction and training were grouped as 'B' and those who needed special care to get training in the daily living skills were grouped 'C'.

Childrens activity in Yoga Class


All Children are involved in extra curricular activities such as Sports, Yoga, Cultural, Drawing and Crafts.29 Children were given speech therapy. 13 amoung them are able to express thier name, 8 are able to say thier address and the remaining have started even to converse with others. 5 Children were given passive exercises in Physiotheraphy.

Craft and Drawing Classes



Students are regularly involved in Crafts and Drawing session, so as to improve thier basic functionality and have some extra curricular activities.


Parents Teachers Association Meeting


Once in three months, a meeting between parents and teachers will be held to update their wards progress and a report is given to them. Parents ar explained about the progress of the students by demonstrations and will be given instrcutions for further training to be given at home before going for term holidays.

Sports and Cultural Activities


Our Students are actively involved in Sports and Cultural Activities not only within our school and district but they go far beyond their boundaries to other district and even to chennai to participate in district level competition and have won prizes in various level of competitions and brought laurels to our school.

Speical Children School ofr Mentally Retarded Childrens