RENAISSANCE has a team of 42 workers. In MALARCHI SCHOOL 12 females staffs are working round the clock.

In a totally hygienic atmosphere the in-mates of the hostel lead a very joyous and comfortable life without an iota of inferiority complex.


Although the in-mates are all mentally retarded, 'MALARCHI' does not consider them as a burden and therefore 'MALARCHI' is in the constant pursuit of achieving their overall development besides making their life as comfortable as possible rather than just maintaining them. Towards the end, we provide them facilities for games like cricket, football, badminton etc. We organise picnics for these in-mates twice a year.


They are also taken to participate in the tournaments organised at the district/state and national levels, be it sports, cultural programmes, drawing competitions, music, group events etc. In order that they do not nurture the feeling of inferiority complex their birthdays are also celebrated and do invite the respective parents to attend the birthday celebrations which adds to the joy of the hostel in-mates.

Teaching and Training

Children will be trained and taught by the respective care gives and sepcial educators in 8 skill areas using the prepared and purchases materials.

   - Training in activities of daily living
   - Training to modify the problematic behaviours.
   - Training in need-based activiites(Functional academics)
   - Training in Extra- Curicular activities
   - Providing speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Yoga therapy
   - Providing health care in preventive and curative aspects
   - Improving social interaction skills
   - Providing need-based vocational training.

Drawing and Crafts


Students are regularly involved in Crafts and Drawing session, so as to improve thier basic functionality and have some extra curricular activities.

Healthy Diet


A well maintained kitchen with a well balanced diet is specifically made and served for the special childeren with fruits and vegetables that stimulate the nervous system.

Speical Children School ofr Mentally Retarded Childrens